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2019 9th The Shenyang China International RV Expo

同期举办:2019 中国(沈阳)国际汽车升级及改装展览会
AGI Dates

May 10-13,2019
AGI Venue

Shenyang Huanggu Sports Center (Shenyang, China)
Range of Exhibits

1, Various types of RVs: domestic and imported self-propelled RVs, Trailer RVs, power tractors, multi-purpose vehicles (MPV), mobile villas, Wooden houses, car production and refitting enterprises, car sales enterprises, car rental enterprises, sports and leisure vehicle related enterprises, etc..

2, RV Accessories: Removable RV Parts, Installation Equipment, Heating System, Gas Supply System, Water Supply System, Power Supply System. Energy supply, electrical equipment, navigation system, body materials, vehicle components, chassis parts, axles, Trailer equipment, structural fittings, etc; water pump, water pipeline and connecting device of RV, faucet, hand washing pool, water heater, toilet, shower, car refrigerator, car air conditioner, battery, generator, various wires, inverters, various Trailer receptacles, synchronization Brake connectors, electric footsteps, warm air, stoves, satellite antenna receivers, awnings, doors, windows, skylights, ventilators, bicycle brackets, car models, etc.. Video game accessories: coin, color version, video game displays, monitors (tube), converters, touch screen, buttons, power, game tokens.

3. Camping: campsites, scenic spots, campsite design and planning institutions, facilities suppliers, investment and financing institutions; outdoor use Products, camping tourism products, camping equipment, tents, sleeping bags, moisture-proof mats, hammocks, foldable tables and chairs, picnic bags, barbecue ovens, showers Bath boxes, hot water bags, ATV, trailers, motorboats, water sports equipment, aircraft materials, etc. Travel agencies, rental agents for RV, finance, insurance, RV clubs and car associations, RV, camping related government departments, associations, professional literature and media, etc.

Prospective visitors

We expect visitors from the following types of companies, individuals:
Managers and executives from companies that are seeking new businesses.
Companies and organizations that are considering to secure master franchise rights.
Corporations and individuals that are planning to diversify their businesses.
Franchisers that are planning to open more shops or diversify their businesses.
Individuals that want to start their own businesses.

Shenyang Zhongzhanlixin Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Overseas Contact Office 
Shenyang Zhongzhanlixin Exhibition Co., Ltd.  
TEL: 0086-24-66806688 FAX: 0086-24-66806661 


Booth Construction & Decoration:
2021 May 5-6 8:30-16:30
Exhibitor’s Registration:
2021 May 5-6 8:30-16:30
Fair Dates and Opening Hours:
2021 May 7-8 9:00-16:30
2021 May 9:00-14:30
Move-out Exhibits:
2021 May 9 14:30